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Favourite line from flash movie?

2008-08-27 23:54:56 by Skulsta

Mine is from Tankmen

"...and I heard you tickle people's bags when they sleep"
"I didn't wake you up did I?"


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2008-10-17 22:13:56

Mine would have to be from Awesome Center Redoux "There are deep lacerations in the sternum... where aliens have taken over his body!" "Whoooowhaaaa?!" "Use your sappy gun and sap 'em!" "Oh My, Pew Pew" "Doctor! We need your help defusing this atom bomb!" "Open That **** up!" "Wow being a doctor is soooo cool!" "Here doctor, let me assist you..." That is a great line. He is pure genious. Also, thanks for the positive review on SSBB collab.