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2008-08-28 01:46:39 by Skulsta

My Kitten Ella full story here has been confirmed pregnant. We should be expecting a litter in 65 days from last Thursday. We plan to give away all but one for me. I have never has a cat in my life. My Sister has had 3 and Monty, Flash and Ella are family cats so now I"ll get a cat. Yayz. I promise to post pics as soon as Ella becomes more noticeable and I will post pics of the newborn kittens when born.


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2008-08-29 02:43:26

i was in the car when we accidentally ran over our cat
so yeah make sure you dont run over your cat


2008-09-05 10:23:41



2008-09-22 03:58:21

cool but just to warn u its a lot of work when there 1st born cool tho