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I'm confused...

2008-09-30 22:17:22 by Skulsta

I made a thread called "What's behind the door?" Which was basically a photoshop thread. I provided a base pic of a stickman standing infront of a door and with nothing on the other side. Obviously you would draw something funny on the other side of the door.

Then it was deleted and I've been banned from the BBS for 3 days for creating a spam thread, entitled "What's behind the door?." How in the hell is that a spam thread? People make threads like these all the time on the BBS. I had no swearing, nudity, drugs or anything like that in my post and I will provide the picture below.

Please someone tell me why it was deleted. How the fuck was it spam????

I'm confused...


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2008-09-30 23:06:04

The NG mods are fucking retarded. They always do shit like that. A lot of serious threads get locked because the mods can't tell the difference between a normal topic and a spam topic.


2008-10-02 11:10:50



2009-07-25 19:18:58

No complaining about bans noob.